Point of contact, 2021

Point de contact” presents drawings created by French artist Emmanuel Henninger. Living and creating in Armenia for months, the artist does not deviate from his previous interest in landscape, considering it as a witness of human activity.

The landscape is traditionally one of the most classic and emotional genres of fine arts. When seeing a picture of nature, the viewer involuntarily identifies himself with the environment, moving mentally even if it is an unknown but still familiar place.

In an unfamiliar foreign country, nature becomes a means of revising one’s own local context and perception. What does the image of nature tell us? Transferring the seemingly entire landscapes to one painting surface, the first two works are considered very naturalistic and impressive.

The two large-scale landscapes are made in a very classical style, representing the rocks of Geghard and the plains of Jermuk. With an admiring look typical for a person, the artist conveys the scene in front of him as comprehensively as possible. They transfer us into the very place, where you still seek to find a reflection of the origins of the local society, context, prompting the artist to refer to another technique, another way of seeing nature.

Consciously, Emmanuel Henninger finds a new point of contact with nature and links it to the new environment. In a series of small ink-dot drawings, the artist explores another way to get to know and interact with nature. If in the case of the first two works we look at the landscape from a bird’s eye view, then here the artist/viewer finds himself standing in front of huge rocks or trees! The question arises involuntarily whether it is not this small part that we often see and identify with our images through monumental images. Is it possible to see the whole thing in an episode?

Sona Hovhannisyan, art critic, curator, October 2021