Urwald von morgen 2019

Henninger, Emmanuel, Primary Forest, Biodivesity, Protect, Woods, art, drawing, ink, pen, forest, exhibition, germany, Freiburg
Primary forest of tomorrow” – Chinese ink on paper – 47,2 x 31,4 In – 2019 – Private Collection
Emmanuel Henninger, In Situ, Rainforest, jungle, natureconservation, stopdeforestation

A primary forest is a forest composed of native species where no trace of past or present human activity is clearly visible. They are intact (or original) forests, or forests with a high degree of naturalness that have never been destroyed or heavily exploited, fragmented, or directly or obviously influenced by humans. Urwald von morgen is a primary forest of tomorrow and is located in Simonswald in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It has not been exploited since 1979.