Briesetal Forest (Brandenburg)

What is impressive is that today the main forests that protect our planet from global warming and that shelter many animal and plant species are condemned and destroyed and give way to livestock, industrial zones and housing.
We ourselves are living more and more free from the presence of nature and its future.

When I discovered the Biesetal nature reserve, I remembered a quote from Karl von Linné that I had discovered at the Museum of Natural History in Berlin, an exhibition of which dealt with the impoverishment of our biodiversity :”In the smallest things, nature shows the greatest wonders of all“.
It is by entering this forest with large trees, and lush vegetation, that we suddenly realize the meaning of this quote and the richness of nature, but also the loss of nature and biodiversity in most of our living areas.

What is crazy is that nowadays we talk more about “progress”, about this stubbornly blind word than about “beauty”. On what occasion are we still talking about beauty?

At a time when climate change is a major issue that requires us to rethink our ways of life, the beauty of nature can invite us to understand the future of life.

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