Time runs away without disappearing, 2021

An artist’s book published in 200 copies produced by La Filature for the 14th edition of the biennial of young contemporary creation mulhouse 021

Unfolding this notebook is a way to explore the affinities that bind together the representations of nature by Cassandre Fournet, Emmanuel Henninger, Iva Šintić and Gaëtane Verbruggen, at the various points of view of their relationship to time, photography, drawing and painting. The images are folded, unfolded and folded back in an act of posing an absence or that of revealing a moment of the world. They are an opening to a double horizon of past and imaginary future. By giving themselves to be seen, they save the past from its annihilation; in their correspondence with each other, they suggest new speculative narratives on the links that unite bodies to nature. The interiors, the urban, sylvan or celestial landscapes are around the four artists like worlds towards which they project themselves. To capture them, they have to discover them and to discover them, they have to be submerged in them. Perceptible in the representations they produce, their feeling leaves us with the impression of having seen these things with our own eyes.

Drawings : Cassandre Fournet, Emmanuel Henninger, Iva Šintić, Gaëtane Verbruggen
Graphic design : Julie Wittich
Text : Emmanuelle Walter