600,000 tree leaves

A tree usually creates 600,000 leaves per season! In this way, it produces the amount of oxygen necessary for 10 people a day. It is therefore essential to our environment and to our balance.

While working on this drawing, I tried to approach two directions which seem important to me in the continuation of my plastic work:

  • the notion of ALL OVER, which consists in distributing the graphic elements more or less uniformly over the entire surface of the table; this seems to extend beyond the edges, which eliminates the problem of the field.
  • the abolition of the notion of horizon in this landscape, which in my practice is similar to an idea of symbolic order. There is no longer any top or bottom, no sky or earth, no near or far. Nature is just present and immersive. The notion of horizon is an anthropological structure of human perception and in trying to abolish this horizon, I try to take my gaze towards my immediate environment, towards a finite whole. By trying to abolish this notion in the representation of this landscape, I try at the same time to abandon an anthropocentric vision of the universe.

Here the central role is assigned to nature. Man is no longer in a hierarchical position in relation to other species.

From the first sketches of the drawing to the final result, more than 2,600 km² of primary forests have disappeared in the world …

Emmanuel Henninger, In progress, 2020, Forest, Drawings, Nature, Ink on paper, Black and White
In progress – January 2020
Emmanuel, Henninger, Contemporary Drawings, Art, Ink, Illustration, Nature, Rainforest
Somnambulistic forest, India ink on paper – 15,74 X 23,62 In
Emmanuel, Henninger, Art, Contemporary Art, Drawings, Black Ink, Paper, France, Artist
Somnambulistic forest, India ink on paper – 15,74 X 23,62 In

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