T66 Kulturwerk


Jury and exhibition curators : Chris Popovic, Helge Emmaneel, Alfonso Lipardi (artists)

January/June 2021

With : Remy Erismann, Emmanuel Henninger, Jochen Kitzbihler, Ingrid Rodewald

Four artistic points of view complement each other on geosociological and geotechnographic transformations: the very essence of the natural being and of landscapes, in constant opposition to human influence. Among other things by its methodical approach.

Ingrid Rodewald brings to light the consciousness of nature transfigured by romanticism, ideologized and perverted by capitalism.

Emmanuel Henninger illustrates the extent to which our subjective perception of vegetation can become an embodied fiction or even a vision. His landscapes impregnate the realities of the present with memories of the past.

Jochen Kitzbihler combines a typographic in situ installation “mirrored” in the interior space with a transitional installation outside made of pieces of loess erosion. Together they refer to a disintegrating anthropocene. Prosthesis, precision, protection – inner and outer life:

Remy Erismann presents forms made of materials that reflect, distort and enlarge the trials of a technical development on the periphery of the body or in the human body.

T66 Kulturwerk – Talstrasse 66 D-79102 Freiburg