POINT COURU AU LIEU DE TRAVERS, as part of the “Regionale 22

Exhibition curator : Mimi von Moos (artist)

From November 28 to January 9, 2022

An exhibition with : Annett Andersch, Christian Botale Molebo, Elie Bouisson, Pascal Brateau, Teresa Bua, Alexandre Caretti, Marco Carrubba, Kiki DeGonzag, David Dejous, Aurélien Finance, Elise Grenois, Emmanuel Henninger, Zoé Joliclercq, Dlelim Kim, Tae gon Kim, Gihoon Kim, Inès P. Kubler, Viola Korosi, Ainaz Nosrat, Shohyung Park, Valentin Pierrot, Florent Ruch, Mélody Seiwert, Hélène Thiennot, Jamila Wallentin

Opening hours
Sat – Sun /
And by appointment

Sat / 08.01.22
15.00 Presentation of works /
“I Love Germany” by Emmanuel Henninger.

Art can touch, provoke, disturb. Precise questions, a subtle approach, jokes, humor, can lift the veil on what is apparent, allow to see what is behind, where social structures can be observed, dismantled, dynamited, and free the imagination to rethink them. The works exhibited here have been created by artists who place themselves in a vital relationship with the present and with social, psychological and physical reality. The sum of the artistic proposals, selected by the artists themselves, can be seen as a set of questions about the here and now.
This year, at FABRIKculture, the 25 proposals come from artists living in France.

60, rue de Bâle
F-68220 Hégenheim

More info : https://fabrikculture.net/

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Exhibition view POINT COURU AU LIEU DE TRAVERS, FABRIKculture, Hégenheim, France