Espace Bertrand Grimont


Curated by Pauline Lisovski (art critic, curator) & Florence Lucas (artist)

From 09 to 18 December 2021

An exhibition with :

Nicolas Aiello, Benjamin Laurent Aman, Valérie Andriantsiferana, Alexandra Arango, Yann Bagot, Sarah Battaglia, Elise Beaucousin ; France Bizot, Anne-Laure H Blanc, Allison Blumenthal, Isabelle Bonté-Hessed, Amandine Borkowski, Frédéric Bouffandeau, Rebecca Brueder, Marie-Claude Bugeaud, Valentina Canseco, Marie-Jeanne Caprasse, Patricia Cartereau, Ursula Caruel, Olivier Catté, Fabrice Cazenave, Lin Calle, Pierre Chaillet, Dorian Cohen, Dominique De Beir, Christine Crozat, Odonchimeg Davaadorj, Clément Davout, Mélanie Delattre-Vogt, Sylvie De Biasi, Armelle De Sainte-Marie, Bénédicte Dussère, Maxime Duveau, Emilie Duserre, Cyprien Desrez, Emmanuel, Sylvie Fanchon, Anne Ferrer, Anne Marie Finné, Frédéric Galliano, Laurence Gossart, Agathe Groleau, Héloïse Guyard, Marie Havel, Yves Helbert, Karine Hoffman, Anne-Sylvie Hubert, Orié Inoué, Qin Han, Emmanuel Henninger, Marie-Jeanne Hoffner, Marine Joatton, Sophie Kitching, Thierry Lagalla, Magdalena Lamri, Alexandre Léger, Thomas Léon, Danielle Lescot, Florence Lucas, Frédérique Lucien; Frédéric Malette, Théophile Marty, Marjorie Méa, Sébastien Mehal, Florian Mermin, Wanda Mihuleac, Ricardo Mosner, Thomas Mueller, Nathalie Muron, Pierrick Naud, Sarah Navasse, Claire Nicolet, Laura Nillni, Ludovic Nino, Karolina Orzelek, Manon Pellan, Johanna Perret, Julie Polidoro, Antoine Poncet, Alice Raymond, Clovis Retif, Philippe Richard, Ernesto Riveiro, Christophe Robe, Bertrand Robert, Muriel Rodolosse, Laurent Roux, Julie Savoye, Timothée Schelstraete, Aïda Schweitzer, Barbara Schroeder, Soy, Anne Touquet, Virginie Trastour, Wendy Vachal, Amélie Veyssière, Paul Vergier, Justin Weiler, Mathieu Weiler, Letizia Werth, Duncan Wylie, Sémine Yang, Fabien Yvon, Haythem Zakaria, Martine Ziegler Challoit

At the origin of the Petite Collection, the artist Florence Lucas. She discovered the craze for the postcard, an object of curiosity that collectors and artists love. Apart from a few initiatives, postcards are rarely exhibited, as evidenced by the scarcity of catalogs and exhibitions on this theme. If the uses of the postcard are numerous, the issues it raises in the field of art and beyond are no less so: reflection on the scale of the work of art in an age of gigantism, on the notion of reproducibility, on the price and circulation of works, etc. This project allows us to rethink our relationship to the work of art, from the single to the multiple, as well as to consider another scale of creation. If current exhibitions reveal a taste for large spaces, large formats, and works in adequacy with the place, La Petite Collection leads us to consider differently the position of the spectator facing the work.

The set of works exhibited presents, all styles and genres combined, a wide but not exhaustive panorama of contemporary creation: watercolor, oil, acrylic, collage, pencil drawing, wax etc.. Thus, some artists have begun a reflection based on the quality of the postcard itself, its nature, its history, its relationship to culture and popular images.

Bertrand Grimont wished to welcome the petite Collection in December 2021 at the Bertrand Grimont space. For this exhibition, neither frame nor glass, we will be able to approach to seize the details of the creations of the artists presented. The distance to the work of art is then reduced.

Bertrand Grimont Gallery,
43 rue de Montmorency 75003, Paris.

Opening Thursday, December 9 from 2 pm to 9 pm, free admission

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