Great West Bypass of Strasbourg

GCO, Kolbsheim, France, Graphite, Emmanuel Henninger, Strasourg
Wet area“, Kolbsheim, France – Graphit on Arches paper – 27,5 X 39,3 in – 2018
wet area, Emmanuel Henninger, trees, nature
Wooden cabin, Trees, Wood
Wooden cabin“, Kolbsheim, France
April 2018, liner on Bristol paper
9 X 12 in, private collection


The GCO – for Grand Contournement West of Strasbourg is a 24 km project of a toll motorway designed to unblock the urban section of the A35 Strasbourg, passing through the West, especially in a rural area that is called Kochersberg, with the destruction of some of the most fertile agricultural land in Europe, but also the destruction of more than 10 hectares of forest near Vendenheim, as well as the massacre of an exceptional natural area between the municipalities of Kolbsheim and Ernolsheim -sur-Bruche. 24 communes of the Grand Est would be directly impacted by this project.

Controversial, the GCO has been challenged for 20 years by elected officials, farmers, citizens and associations.