Fondation François Schneider


Exhibition curators : Marie Terrieux (Director of the François Schneider Foundation) & Marc Thebault (artist)

From 11/12/2021 to 27/03/2022

Nicola Aramu • Clément Bedel • Marie-Paule Bilger • Jérémie Descamps • Jean-Jacques Delattre • Marc Guénard • Kiki de Gonzag •  Hao Jingfang • Hyesung Jung • Emmanuel Henninger • Emmanuelle Jenny • Marc Thébault • Céline Lachkar • Bruno Lagabbe • Marianne Maric • Laurence Mellinger • Léa Rosenfeld • Barbara Schnetzler • Antonio Talis  Anne Sophie Tschiegg • Iva Sintic • Camille Stoos • Juliette Vergne • Estelle Vinter • Sophie Weigel • Anne Zimmermann

Botany, or phytology, is the science that groups together all the disciplines that study plants. More than 550,000 species of living organisms have been recorded to date. Botanists, through their inventories, collections and classification methods, contribute to a better knowledge and understanding of living organisms.

Nature has always been a motor of artistic creation. The elements, the fauna, the flora have contributed to diversify the palettes of the representation and allowed to learn to describe to know better. A legend tells that the Chinese writing would be born from the observation of bird prints in the sand.

The artists also index data, to create other visual archives.
Motoco in this sense builds a form of sensitive ecosystem that brings together professionals and explorers of the creative professions on the site of the former DMC textile factories in Mulhouse. In a vast red brick building, many disciplines and multiple media meet and confront each other as vectors of plastic, scenic and even musical expression.

But it seemed natural to engage in a conversation between Motoco artists and the public of the François Schneider Foundation, to bring together plants and water and to imagine possible dialogues.

The exhibition Botanica accepts the hypothesis from a here that explores the elsewhere, that of a German forest, a houseplant, a sprouted shoot, an African or Cantonese tree, a banana leaf, a thousand-year-old peat, blue grasses and other reflections of cold foliage suddenly projected in a full light.

Fondation François Schneider
27 rue de la Première Armée 68700 Wattwiller – FRANCE